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Handcrafted small harps from the heart of the Usk Valley

by Greville Hunt

"I am really pleased with the harp as well!  It has a really lovely sound for such a small harp and I am really enjoying playing it.  
I want to learn some more tunes to play at sessions and this is just the harp I was looking for.  It looks beautiful too!! "

Bethan Nia  - www.bethannia.co.uk
I only manufacture lap harps.
I use many local woods and american black walnut.
 I have sycamore, tree of heaven and walnut harps in stock.
Soundboards are made mostly from european spruce and sometimes cedar.
The design of the harp is my own although based on early medieval harps.
They are robust but quite light, ranging from six to seven pounds in weight 
and standing about thirty inches high.

The harps are designed for the lap, with 22 strings of high quality, made by a dedicated
harp string manufacturer. Sharping levers are on the 'C' and 'F' strings.
The finish of the wood is lustred rather than gloss, this is my preference.
The harps come complete with a tuning key, always made from the same wood as the harp.
 Carrying case's are available as an extra.
 I make only two harps at a time and no two will be the same.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any help or advice.
Thank you.

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