Welcome to Telynau Fach

Handcrafted small harps from the heart of the Usk Valley

by Greville Hunt

Telynau fach, the legacy of the Welsh folk harp.
Hand made here in Wales from indigenous woods of the region,
the soundboards however are northern europe,for the tight grain.
Tuning and rest pins are engineered here in Wales in the Swansea valley.

The 22 string harp has a great history here from the Abraham and Wood families of mid Wales
to the itinerant and bardic harper, played sometimes from horseback.
Light,but robust,height thirty inches,designed to sit on the lap,
fitted with guitar strap, if you prefer to stand (if required).
Sharping levers on C’s and F’s tuned E to E.

A truly individual instrument crafted here in Wales.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any help or advice.
Thank you.

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